Some gifts are unforgettable. Like this antique pad of paper my sister-in-law gave me. Not only did she recognize my passion for all things vintage, she celebrated the writer I longed to be. Today, that writer’s tablet stands on my bookshelf, peeking over my shoulder as I create my fictional worlds. Writing is hard. It’s … Read more

Eggs, Anyone?

Ah, Eggs a la Goldenrod. Mom served this to us every Sunday at lunch. Well, maybe not every Sunday. But it sure felt like it. I hated Eggs a la Goldenrod. Then. Now, I crave it. Go figure. Turns out, this dish has been around for a long, long time. I knew it had been … Read more

Beware the Crazy Quilt

Ever heard of a crazy quilt? Crazy quilts were all the rage for young women in the late 1800’s. But they were quite controversial. Because—gasp—they were not at all practical. In fact, crazy quilts featured sumptuous materials like silk, satin and velvet. Not exactly affordable stuff, much less easy to care for. That’s enough, right … Read more

Old Photos

I love looking at old photos. Behind the people, the expressions, and the setting, there’s always a story. I wonder what their lives were like, way back then. What were they thinking? What were their dreams? What were their hobbies, education, or routines? Take a look at this photo of my relatives. Judging by the … Read more