Beware the Crazy Quilt

Ever heard of a crazy quilt?

A block from an antique crazy quilt

Crazy quilts were all the rage for young women in the late 1800’s. But they were quite controversial.

Because—gasp—they were not at all practical.

In fact, crazy quilts featured sumptuous materials like silk, satin and velvet. Not exactly affordable stuff, much less easy to care for.

That’s enough, right there, to send any practical farm woman scampering for the latest log cabin quilt pattern and some good, practical calico.

While I think crazy quilts are a thing of beauty and a showing of great skill, the people–especially men–of the early 1900’s abhorred them, and jokes abounded at the idiocy of such an undertaking.

Newspaper articles abound on the lunacy of the crazy quilt.

And that’s why I chose to feature this art form in my historical novel.

More to come!

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