The Kristen Chronicles:Turning from Why


I never would’ve thought a quick trip for milk would change me forever.

It all began with a woman and her two daughters, standing beside me in the checkout line. The girls’ clothes were soiled, hair messy, and faces dirty. The mother, on the other hand, was neat and clean. Though it seemed she didn’t care how they looked, she had little patience for how they acted at the checkout stand.

Watching her out of the corner of my eye, I thought, Why is she entitled to healthy children? She couldn’t care less about her kids. And here it’s killing me that my child isn’t healthy.

When I got home I told Rick about the mom.”I just don’t get it. A woman like that doesn’t even care. Why us? We’re good people.”

Rick said, “Instead of saying ‘Why us’, maybe we should say, ‘Why not us’.”

My response was a surly, “What are you talking about?”

“Do you think you deserve a better life than anybody else?”

I just looked at my husband.  Words formed in my brain — ugly words about how that woman didn’t deserve those girls — but nothing came out of my mouth. Rick was right.

There’s very little in this life that we deserve, either good or bad.  Our precious daughter was a wonderful blessing that we’d never live up to. But the disease she had was a burden, and we didn’t do anything to bring it on. “Deserve” had nothing to do with either the blessing or the curse.

When I think about the various burdens I have to bear, whether it’s a child with tuberous sclerosis, an ailing parent, a devastating tornado, or simply never-ending laundry, I can’t ask “Why me” without also asking “Why NOT me?”

Why would I be exempt from the burdens of this life when they are just as much a part of the blessings of life, also.

I’m not. You’re not. No one is.

These days, when I get down and start asking why, I try to remember to add that one little word — not — and that brings my feet back to solid ground.

Why NOT me?


8 thoughts on “The Kristen Chronicles:Turning from Why”

  1. Teresa, thank you so much for sharing your very honest reaction to an ordinary encounter. I have found that God uses those moments in my life to teach me some very hard lessons. I have asked “Why me?” many times but I hope that I will be reminded now to add a “not” and see another perspective. I enjoyed this turn in your river very much and look forward to reading more.

    1. Thank you, Arlene. Yes, those ordinary moment lessons are some of God’s most memorable. I’m thankful He’s so patient with me. Thanks for your encouragement!

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  2. Teresa, I love this simple question, “Why not me?” I often ask myself “Why me?’ when God asks me to do things that are completely out of my comfort zone. I want to hand the job off to someone else. Now, I’m picturing Him saying, “Why not you?” Thank you for reminding me that it’s His work, not mine. I’m linking up with you for Mic Monday @ Cisneros Cafe.

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