My Cute Guy



May 18 is a special day in my house because it’s my husband’s birthday.

So yesterday we celebrated the day Rick was born, along with all the days that came after that special day.


I’ve known him for the majority of those days, starting when he was 19 and a sophomore at UNT. God made sure our paths crossed, literally, in a marching band drill in late October. I thought, Hey, who’s that cute guy? and he thought, Hey, who’s that cute girl? We had been marching on the same field, being cute and all, since August, but had never noticed each others’ cute selves until the marching season was two games from conclusion.

And here we are, a cute guy and a cute girl, years later.


There are so many reasons I’m thankful for my cute guy — his leadership, his integrity, his unending and enthusiastic support of me, our girls and our grandkids, his compassion, his loyalty, his devotion to God–but I’m most thankful for his life. Because apparently, during those 19 years that I didn’t know him, he gave life a run for its money, and the Lord kept him around through several near misses. So glad, because I sure need him.

I thank God for my cute guy.










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