From Awful to Wonderful, Hope is the Bridge

ej3-zfjxr6q-eryk-fudala-hopeYou never know how good you have it until you don’t.

I always think that whenever I’ve been sick. Afterwards, I think, It feels so good to feel good!

I haven’t been sick lately, but we’ve had a few things occur that have jarred our little world. Enough to make me appreciate normalcy.

Now, after weeks of wishing for normal, longing for boring, it’s back: Routine! Blessed monotonous, always a dull moment routine. How I craved it! If I could hug it, I would!

Have you ever felt this way? If you’ve been through a surprising, bumpy road that maybe you knew was temporary, but seemed unending at the time, maybe you know what I’m talking about.

In the beginning, your adrenaline surges. Eyes wide open, you’re taken aback, but you’re ready for this! Your mind is on high alert. You’re a prayer warrior. Bring it on!

But then, the adrenaline settles, and so does your situation. Reality sets in…this could be awhile. Hmmm. This could be a drag. But we’ll get through it!

Then…there’s no question. It IS a drag. And it seems to drag on and on. Your mind tells you there’s an end, but your spirit is losing hope. The words coming out of your mouth don’t even sound like they belong to you. Who is that grouch talking? You need an intervention, the heavenly kind.

Just when you think you can’t get any lower, you pour your heart out to God. You tell him you can’t do it anymore. You’re sick and tired of it. It’s wearing you down. You can’t even remember how it felt to be the real you.

Friend, that’s when God swoops in and shows his abundant love! To be sure, he treats us in different ways according to our needs and personalities. But we walk away knowing without a doubt God loves us, without condition. We walk away with hope.

And hope is the one thing we cannot live without.

Hope is the bridge that gets us from awful to wonderful. If your day is awful, tell God about it, right now. You need his hope. Your situation won’t change, but your outlook will. If you look at an awful situation with hope, you can make it.

I know.

Leave me a comment and I’ll pray for you, friend. We all need hope.


7 thoughts on “From Awful to Wonderful, Hope is the Bridge”

    1. Thank you, Marlene! Yes, God is so faithful! I’m fascinated with Psalm 91:4, which talks about his faithfulness being our shield and our rampart. What an encouragement to stand against the enemy, knowing God’s faithfulness is shielding us. Thank you for reading and blessing me with Hannah’s story. You’ve encouraged me!

  1. I hear you, feeling like I’ve been in a shadow for a bit now, starting to also come out of it. But He was ever-present and abiding in Him is the only way through any trying situation. Thanks for the great reminder and glad to hear things are on the upswing!

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