Hi there

I’m so glad you dropped by. I know you only have a minute, so I’ll just jot a few things about myself. I’d love to hear from you!


  • a believer in Jesus
  • writer
  • wife, mom and grandma
  • former educator
  • lover of vintage
  • lover of books
  • enjoy people

That’s me in a nutshell. Funny how it tells you almost nothing.

So, here’s a little more:

I follow Jesus: I pray, I read his Word (the Bible), and I try to live well. I love to study the Bible and help women do the same.

I’ve always loved to write, more than any other form of expression. I write my prayers, I write to reflect, and I write of hard and happy things.

I met my husband in college, on a sweltering hot marching field. I fell for the cute trumpet player, and he fell for the shy flag girl. We married in 1981. Best decision ever.

I’m a mom to three girls. One is single, one is married with kids, and one has special needs. They are unique unto themselves, yet they all have tender, compassionate hearts. I’m so proud of them.

I’m Grandma to three kids. I want to squeeze them, tell them to stop losing baby teeth. Stay little. Yet their emerging personalities fascinate me.

I never, ever wanted to teach. But God changed my path. So I vowed I would be the teacher I had needed. What blessings I would have missed if I’d followed my own desires.

All things vintage: clunky typewriters, colorful magazines from yesteryear, and faded family photos. Each one tells a story. It is history of the purest form, the kind we never learned in class.

Ah, books. I have too many but never enough. Some landed me in hot water (books vs. homework = books, always) but most float me to faraway places I’ll never see outside my imagination.

All these things are intrinsic to me. I hope they resonate in the stories I tell.

But enough about me. What about you? Are you a book lover? An antiques shopper? A story teller? I’d love to get to know you.

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